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CBD vape pens are a great option for rapid and effective uptake of CBD. Vaporization allows for the perfect microdose to enter the bloodstream allowing for better utilization and often a faster sensation of relief. Microdosing CBD can help stabilize your internal systems, manage bouts of anxiety and bring your body closer to homeostasis. The perfect remedy for the mid-day meeting stress, creative flow mood boost, and post-workout relax and recovery; Hara vape pens provide you with a squeaky clean, convenient microdose to help you flow through your day.

CBD Vape Pens

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Why Hara CBD Vape pens are better than the rest?

We have taken the time and put in the energy to develop devices that are specifically tailored to vape cannabis products. All our devices vape at a temperature of 210 degrees C which is the most effective temperature for cannabinoid vaporization. Temperatures too high will cause the oil and full-spectrum CBD to burn which is not good for your health.

All of our cartridges & pods are of premium quality with large ceramic coils. A Ceramic coil is, by a large measure, the best type of coil you can use because they heat evenly without overheating, produce a smooth vaping experience, and maintain the flavor of the terpenes. We ensure that our products contain NO heavy metals. It is our top priority to deliver premium products. As a consumer, it is important that you are informed on your purchases and you should settle for nothing short of the best. Our customers choose us over and over again because we hold true to this promise.

All of the above points are important but this is by far the most important. Our oils are created with organic MCT oil, botanical terpenes, and pure high yield full spectrum CBD that is organically grown and solvent-free. We DO NOT use and propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG) or other harmful cutting agents like vitamin E. PG specifically is a commonly used base for CBD because it dissolves CBD well BUT it can cause dry mouth, headaches, sore throat, and potential harm to lungs. If you have vaped in the past and experienced any of these symptoms, you were vaping PG. Your health is important to us. Much more important than making our products at a lower cost. Please take the time to research what you purchase. Our customers experience the difference when they use our products which is why the speak so highly of us and continue to trust us as their hemp CBD brand of choice. We at Hara appreciate you!

cbd vape pens for sale: Why hara cbd vapes?
Our ultra-premium vape oils and devices are designed specifically to deliver all the benefits of cannabidiol efficiently and safely. CBD vape oils are a blend of CBD and a liquid vape base, in our case that vape base is MCT oil. Our organic CBD vape kits are affordably priced, easy to use, and an extremely effective way to consume CBD.

Unlike other CBD brands, here at Hara, we put our customers above all else. This is reflected in the quality we bring to the market for our users. You can observe this quality in the detail of our packaging, the premium blends that go into our products, and the top-notch customer care we provide. All our products are made with the cleanest organic ingredients and are created under strict conditions.

The Hara CBD vape pen combines a rich full-spectrum CBD in an unprecedented dosage of 400mg plus with the healthiest vape base on the market, MCT oil. Our premium devices and mix are easily noticed with just one use. We have added botanical terps in each of devices to create an amazing tase and calming experience. Try our Blue Razz to brighten up your day or our Indigo Chill to kick back and relax. Ready to make your day feel a little more tropical, grab our Big Stick flavor; a combination of sweet cherry and pineapple.

Here at Hara we are ready to help, if you need anything please reach out.

What Are the Benefits of a Disposable CBD Vape Pen
When you are looking to buy CBD vape pen products it’s important to take into consideration many different aspects. Apart from taste and price, it’s important to know that you are getting a disposable CBD Vape Pen that will help deliver a fast-acting, soothing and positive effect directly into your system.

Convenience is also a major factor. A CBD Vape pen has to be transportable, reliable and capable of helping throughout your day. When choosing a Hara CBD vape pen, you can rest assure that you are getting the best of the best. A product that will not only help you cope with your day to day issues, but also a product that is capable of even helping you to stop smoking.

CBD as a whole has gained popularity over the years and is now being adopted by many practitioners throughout the world. Thanks to advanced technology, CBD has been infused into a variety of consumable products, including CBD oil, CBD edibles and CBD Topicals. Similar to all our other products, our CBD Vape Pens do not produce a psychoactive ‘high’ when ingested.Vaping CBD is a fast and effective way to benefit from the properties of cannabidiol and with our CBD products, you’ll be on your way to leading a better and more productive lifestyle.

One word of caution, before you try any CBD product. Always consult with a professional prior to consuming CBD. Especially if you are suffering from a serious illness, taking other medications or supplements, or thinking of changing your diet. Also, please always remember to keep your CBD Vape pen in a cool place, out of the reach of children. To your health and happiness.