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Hemp Gems: CBD Brain Support Nootropic FAQ
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What are Hemp Gems?
Hemp Gems are a unique CBD nootropic brain support capsule. These capsules are packed with natural ingredients that are great for memory, focus, positive mood elevation and improved cognition.
Are there any side effects?
Unlike over the counter and pharmaceutical drugs, CBD does not cause any known side effects. It is tolerated well at high doses and is considered to be non-toxic. Our Full Spectrum CBD does not contain any THC so you will not experience any psychoactive effects.
Why Hara CBD?
It is of the utmost importance to us that you receive the highest quality product available on the market. Unlike most companies, we are constantly working to find the cleanest ingredients with the greatest benefit to your health. We ensure that our Full Spectrum CBD test with the highest purity, check our product COAs to see for yourself. We believe in what we do!