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Our Reviews


The flavor and packaging blow my mind!
“I can believe how good this packaging and flavor is. I don’t think I have seen product packaging with as much detail and the flavor is cool and refreshing. You outdid yourself Hara! Absolutely love it!”
– Sam R.


Feeling 100
“One of my friends from work told me about the product and how great he feels after using it . I was a little bit skeptical but after I tried the product, I felt great, mood and physically better overall. Now my wife and I both take the Healixer 500 mg. I’m purchasing the vape soon, amazing product!”
– Gregory
Really enjoy this nootropic
“I really like this product! I have been taking every day and have definitely seen a positive effect on my mood and clarity. I feel more alert, focused, and ready to handle my day. Good work Hara!”
– Madison M.

This cbd oil is a game changer!

“I love this product. It has a nice peppermint flavor. I had never tried cbd oil before but was very interested because I have bad anxiety. I started taking it as recommended, 1 full dropper morning and night and noticed a huge difference a few days in. I started to feel much less anxious and stressed during the day. Its a subtle change that I noticed most when I missed my cbd in the morning. I would absolutely recommend this product. If you have anxiety, TRY IT!”
– Valerie T.

Awaken Hara with CBD you can trust

Welcome to Hara Flow. Our mission is to provide ultra premium hemp-based CBD products for athletes, fitness minded individuals, professionals, anyone who wants to feel their best throughout the day, and those that wish to calm their minds at night.

Our handcrafted products contain no THC and are made with the highest quality CBD on the market. Each product is carefully designed to help you achieve balance between your body’s central energy flow (your HARA) and the hectic world around you. We believe that when you are feeling your best you can preform the best and we want to help you get there.