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Woke Pod (1000 mg) Woke Pod (1000 mg) Woke Pod (1000 mg) Woke Pod (1000 mg) Woke Pod (1000 mg)

Woke Pod (1000 mg)

Woke Pod (1000 mg)


Our Woke Pods are unique cartridges that are only compatible with the Woke Rechargeable Pod System. Each pod is equipped with a dual airflow hole and anti-leaking isolation spacer. A full gram cartridge will come with 1000 mg of oil.  Our CBD vape oil is blended with three premium organic ingredients:
  • 400 mg of 99%+ purity USDA organic CBD isolate
  • 600 mg top-grade USDA organic MCT oil
  • 100% natural USDA organic terpenes
  • This product contains zero THC
We combine CBD sourced from the most reliable and trusted hemp farms in the USA with top grade organic MCT oil. Our diligence in sourcing only the best CBD ensures that it is 100% organic and will always test pesticide free. Our CBD is extracted and isolated using CO2 extraction and crystal precipitation. In laymen’s terms, we don’t use solvents for extraction, we keep it clean. Our extraction and isolation results in a 99%+ pure CBD isolate, so if we say you’re getting 200mg of CBD, you truly are getting the most efficacious dosing available. MCT oil is easily and rapidly absorbed by the body and has a low vaping temperature which means a safer and much cleaner vaping experience when compared to other carriers like propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine (which when heated can produce the carbonyls acetaldehyde, formaldehyde and acrolein).
Our flavoring is derived from 100% natural terpenes. Terpenes are found in the essential oils of plants. Because terpenes are naturally occurring in the hemp plant, CBD blends with them perfectly. Our real terpenes give the cleanest tasting and smooth vape possible.


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