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CBD Tinctures

Posted by Tate Howe on

Tinctures are a common method for CBD delivery. They offer some great benefits when compared to other CBD consumption methods. If you aren't familiar with exactly what a tincture is or how to effectively use one, then this will fill you in.

A CBD tincture is simply an oil containing CBD. The CBD is mixed with a carrier oil, at HARA we use MCT Oil from coconuts. MCT Oil is a healthy fat and can hold high volumes of CBD.

A tincture can vary in strength. The strength is determined by the amount of CBD in relation to the amount of MCT Oil. There are tinctures that will range from 100mg of CBD to upwards of 3000mg of CBD. However you must also look at the overall size of the tincture. For example a 1000mg CBD tincture in a 30ml bottle would be the same strength as a 3000mg CBD tincture in a 100ml bottle. The strength you want depends on your needs.   

CBD tinctures come in bottles with droppers. The droppers will hold a certain volume of oil. This allows for an exact dosage. This is a big advantage of a tincture over other delivery methods where measuring out exact dosages can be hard. Tinctures also allow larger doses of CBD very fast. This can be crucial if you are battling something that is happening at that moment, like a migraine, anxiety, sleeplessness, etc.

To most effectively use a tincture you will use the dropper to measure out the desired amount of oil. You'll then drop all the oil under your tongue and let it sit there for at least 60 seconds. The CBD and oil will be delivered directly to the bloodstream through a process called osmosis. This is very important, if you just ingest the tincture the bioavailability will drop dramatically. This is because it will pass through your digestive system and lose potency the entire time.