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CBD, Sleep and Fitness

Posted by Tate Howe on

No matter your fitness goals; weight loss, muscle gain or just plain feeling better. Sleep is going to play a huge role in your level of success. Your body needs sleep, and more importantly quality sleep. Without the right sleep you are losing out exponentially on fat loss and muscle growth.

CBD is a great way to get your sleep patterns on track and increase your time in deep sleep, which is where all the good stuff happens. Yet, perhaps most importantly CBD is non habit forming so you can feel good about taking it as compared to pharmaceutical sleep aids.

CBD is 100% natural and helps the body regulate its own natural chemicals. In doing this you naturally decrease stress and anxiety levels, the number one causes of sleep problems. CBD isn’t just a fix for helping you to fall asleep, it also has positive effects on your sleep cycle.

There are multiple sleep cycles and phases. The most important when it comes to fitness is the third phase, which is deep sleep. Many sleep disorders prevent people from reaching this phase or limits their time in this phase.

In this high paced world, people are getting less and less sleep so it is becoming ever more important that your quality of sleep be high. Studies have shown that CBD influences the dopamine levels in the bloodstream during sleep. This leads to a better, more relaxed sleep.

If you feel like your body isn’t recovering from training very quickly, if your diet is on point yet you aren’t losing weight, if you feel consistently lethargic and tired throughout the day it may be time to work on your sleep habits. Taking 10-100mg of CBD (a large range but everyone is different, 10mg is a good place to start and work up from there) approximately 1-2 hours before bed would be a great step towards getting your sleep patterns on track.