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CBD Post Workout

Posted by Tate Howe on

We hear how important it is to take our BCAA’s post workout for recovery, we know we need to get our protein in, yet if you haven’t added CBD to your post workout supplements you are missing out on a valuable tool.

CBD (Cannabidiol) has many valuable properties that help our bodies do various things. For now I want to focus on how CBD can help you recover post workout.

CBD has been shown to reduce inflammation which inevitably occurs after a good training session. By healing and reducing inflammation you are promoting recovery and muscle growth. CBD has a strong pain alleviating property, which of course is common place post workout. Lastly CBD can help improve your sleep cycles which is where the bulk of recovery takes place.

Because of these properties it’s clear why top athletes are relying on CBD as part of their post workout and recovery. For these athletes, as well as the casual gym goer, relief from post workout soreness, faster healing of injuries and better sleep are benefits that are too important to ignore.