Why choose HARA?

With a balanced state of energy, you’ll be well equipped to train hard, recover quickly, maintain a focused workflow, and sleep better so you can optimize your recovery at night. When you are at your most balanced state you can connect with the world around you. With this connection you can achieve limitless potential. Here at HARA, we do what we do to help you achieve a more joyful, connected, and vitality filled life. Awaken HARA! Awaken your POTENTIAL!

If you look around, you’ll see it. Let yourself connect to your surroundings. Do you see any other products on the market with equivalent attention to detail in design and packaging? Do you see any other companies on the market with branding as in depth as ours? We know the answer to these questions. Why? We are very attentive and we work hard to deliver the very best CBD products. These may seem like superficial elements but when you look deeper they reveal some very pertinent information. The attention to detail that goes into building every aspect of the product determines the quality of the CBD products. Our overwhelmingly happy customers agree with this and they show it in their feedback. Our customers keep coming back because we not only deliver an amazing product but we pay attention to the needs of each individual. We are here to serve those that buy from us. We at HARA feel that the devil is in the details. We control all stages of our products development from birth to shipping to your doorstep. We create OUR products specifically for YOU. We source all our own ingredients to ensure quality and we maintain transparency so that you know exactly what your getting. With that being said, we feel that a premium product should be top notch in all aspects. This is especially true for consumables. Your body is your vessel by which we explore, learn, and experience this amazing human existence. What you put in your body can heighten this experience or detriment it. We know first hand how important having a healthy body is. If you would like to know why please read our about us section.

Brody Shemansky
Brody ShemanskyCEO
Sarah 'Drizzy' Drake
Sarah 'Drizzy' DrakeCMO & Creative Director
Tate Howe
Tate HoweCOO

Drizzy and I created Hara Flow so that we could share the balance we’ve achieved through the use of CBDs. Not only the physical but also the energetic balance that comes with proper use of this natural compound.

We’re both former NCAA athletes that competed at the highest level in the Big Ten Conference. We know what training hard is all about. The stresses the body experiences and and its subsequent aches and pains. With this recovery becomes increasingly important and the need to balance energy was something we found was crucial for maintaining perform at our maximum potential.

But my vast knowledge and understanding of CBD as well as other cannabinoids didn’t come until I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma shortly after I graduated from college. This cancer is an exposure based cancer that occurred due to a chronic toxin.

As with any cancer, the chemotherapy treatment was intense and severely affected my physical form. During this period of time I maintained my normal day to day life out of shire will at first. Training and working while undergoing chemotherapy was something that doctors and articles online told me wouldn’t be possible. The first few months of chemotherapy went by without any use of CBD. Lucky I discovered CBD while doing research on remedies for nausea. I started using Cannabis and CBD a try the next day and noticed a difference immediately! Chemotherapy leaves the body feeling extremely toxic. In this toxic state I was able to feel the immense difference CBD made. It was extremely clear how much better CBD make me feel while I was under this intensified stress that came with treatment. I was able to maintain my active life, attend classes, and work full time all while undergoing treatment for 10 months. If you personally have known anyone who has been through the process of chemotherapy you will know how debilitating it is. Before I started, I read article after article about how it would change my life. How I wouldnt be able to maintain any semblance of normalcy. I was determined to maintain my normal activity. CBD played a role in helping me maintain my life during this period and build myself back up after.

Fortunately, the 10 month process put the cancer at bay and I’m happy to say it’s been in remission for almost 4 years. I’ve since grown all my hair back, regained all my strengths, and gained a new understanding of life. I am extremely grateful that I have gone through this because I have come out on the other side with a whole new perspective and purpose that had driven me to create HARA. Without this experience I wouldn’t be who I am today. Without this challenge I might not have found this passion that drives me to help others gain control of their health.

From this experience, both Drizzy and I have come to realize how important holistic and preventative medicine is. This led us to study, in depth, the benefits of CBDs and Cannabis. Being sick like this makes it really clear how important properly fueling your body is and how it affects your central energy flow or HARA. This central energy and its flow or balance is crucial to living a healthy and joy filled life.

I have seen firsthand how my energy was positively affected by CBD and I continue to pursue this holistic approach even though my cancer is in remission. CBD acts on glands in the body where your chakra points are located. We believe that CBD helps balance your energy flows. These glands help the body maintain balance. If anyone these glands are not acting as they are intended to, the body can experience illness, detriment, and or pain. Balancing the central nervous system and the bodies major organs allows the whole system to achieve homeostasis or proper energy flow.

Now, with the new laws legalizing hemp derived CBDs that can be shipped to customers anywhere in the country, we can share our holistic approach to fitness and wellness with everyone who’s interested in improving self and health.

As an athlete and a cancer survivor, I won’t put just anything into my body. That’s why Drizzy and I source our ingredients from trusted organic farms and post the results of their COA purity testing right on our website. That way, you can see for yourself the results of the testing and use our products with confidence. We also heavily involved in the production of our product to ensure we are delivering everything we promise to our customers.

Whether you want to train intensely like Drizzy and I do, free your consciousness, create freely, or simply center yourself, proper CBD supplementation with our diligently sourced ingredients will help empower your own quest for maximum vitality and connectedness.